Freeport Elders Liason, Bob Small: The Elder's bus is finally coming and will arrive in May!  This is the $65K bus that Freeport Rotary has helped to fundraise for.  The bus will be used to transport the elders to various events.   Bob also reported that they are beginning work on a web site for the Elders.

Rotary Foundation, Todd Doolan: Polio survivor and District Polio Committee Chair Ann Lee Hussey will speak to the club this spring.

International Committee: Todd Doolan: The committee is finishing the grant reporting for the first year of our La Romana batey health project and getting ready to send funding to La Romana for next year.

Chamber Liason, Sande Updegraph: The Chamber will commit to polling our web site to put events on their calendar, as well as Freeport Elders events

Literacy Committee, Jeffrie Wetherhold: 15 tote bags have been donated by L.L.Bean for the Read to Succeed reading program.  After the bags have had the program logo embroidered on and the Rotary logo attached, the bags will be filled with kids books and rotated to various locations in town by volunteer readers.

Spring Gala fundraiser Committee, Matt Cartmell:  A band is still needed for the April 12 Spring Gala.  Tom Wilbur suggested checking with Judy Brown

P.R. Committee, Matt Morrison: Trying to get more PR for the club through FreeportUSA.  Also looking at marketing the club on Twitter.  Ann Davis has just been hired to cover Freeport for the Tri-Town Paper and Matt will work with her from now on.

Membership Committee, Mary Beth Hassett:  Jackie flowers and Sande Updegraph have been recently inducted as new members.  Bill St. Michele says he will be returning soon from leave of absence.  A new application has been received from Freeport Community Services Executive Director Melanie Sachs.  Mary Beth also reminded members to hand out the slick business cards she had printed and invite people to join us for a meeting.

Habitat For Humanity Committee, Tom Wilbur:  The March 15 Habitat house work day is coming up.  We will be doing finish work on the West St. project.

Crutches for Africa, Tom Wilbur: No new news to report.  Our speaker next week (March 12) is Dennis Robillard for Crutches for Africa

Gerentology Committee, Lowell Gerber: Wants to put program brochure on our web site.  Wants to get Interact students involved in working with Seniors in the Senior to Senior program.

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Committee, Tom Whelan: Dave McClelland has put the RYLA application up on the web site. Dave is also working to put background information about the RYLA program up on our web site.

Exchange Student Committee, Jeffrie Wetherhold: Tiago is doing great.  He will stay for another three months.  Jeffrie's family will host him. He is working on sets for the Freeport High School one-act plays.  There is a dinner at a restaurant in town with Tiago coming up on Monday (March 10) which Mary Beth organizing.  Karen O'Rourke reported that in order for the Exchange Student program to continue, our Rotary District needs volunteers to work at the District level on the exchange program.  See Karen or Curt if you are interested.

Scholarship Committee, Michele Gilbody: Payments for last-year's awards have been sent out to awarded students who sent in their first semester grades.

Interact Club International Service Committee:  Dominican service trip is planned for July 5 to July 12.  Thanks again to Rotary member Jerry Gould for being a chaperone again - three years in a row!  The committee held their first meeting with parents of students going on the July service trip.   They are asking for help from members of Freeport Rotary with their upcoming silent auction fundraiser which will be held March 29 from 6 to 9 pm at FCS.  They would like folks to hand out invitations to the event.  Fundraising for the Dominican Republic service trip in July is going well:  1) Club has received a donation from Ed Nolde of the Yarmouth club,  2) They currently have $3,500 towards their $10,000 goal,  3) Each family of students on the trip are to provide $400 to $500 for student travel expenses.  There is a Dominican Dinner fundraiser event coming up!